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Written By: admin on January 11, 2011
Angie’s List

Over a million members nationwide are currently using Angie’s List to find high quality service companies and health care professionals in over 500 – from homeowners in your own area – enable consumers to find resources without having to guess about their qualifications.  There are no anonymous reviews; companies do NOT pay to be on [...]

Written By: Dave Bendt on January 7, 2011

Door & Cabinet Hardware- Plumbing Faucets & Sinks For Kitchens/Baths and Lighting

Booth # 431


Written By: admin on January 7, 2011
Northwest L.E.D. Lighting……Getting Lean & Green

LED is the lighting choice of the future – and it’s here today!  LED lighting is 90% more efficient than traditional lighting, far longer lasting and will cut your energy consumption by up to 90%.  It’s not only cost-effective, it reduces your carbon footprint, and can be used anywhere in your home.  From exterior accent, [...]

Written By: Dave Bendt on December 27, 2010

Ultra Efficient LED Lighting for Home and Landscape

Booth #333


Written By: Dave Bendt on December 27, 2010

Solatube Skylights, Solar Powered Attic Fans, Retractable Screen Doors and Aluminum Rails

Booth #0128/0130


Written By: admin on December 27, 2010

Audio/Video, Home Theater, Communications Integration, Lighting Control, Security Electrical Servics and Window Treatments
Room # 407 / 409


Written By: Dave Bendt on December 27, 2010

Interior Decorating Products and Services

Booth # 312


Written By: Dave Bendt on December 27, 2010

Residential  Design

Booth #228


Written By: Dave Bendt on December 27, 2010

NWSID Members working the Bellevue Home & Lifestyles Show, 2011:

Booth # D-5

Friday Schedule   -   Saturday Schedule   -   Sunday Schedule

Fran Barker, PRA* – Furniture
Gallerie Franzhiska Upholstery, owner

Jennifer Chase, Interior designer
Visual Finesse

Marcella Diamond, Interior designer
Diamond Design

Ann Fiser, PRA* – Art & Decor
Fiser Art Studio, owner

Cara Fleming, Interior designer
Cara’s Interiors

Patty Koskovich, Interior designer
Koskovich Design [...]

Written By: admin on December 21, 2010

Consumer Service for Ratings & Reviews On Local Service Companies
Booth # 234


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